Frequently Asked Questions

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GOFresh™ is a fresh produce and food company serving the food service sector, supermarkets, and homes. We are dedicated to providing high-quality and locally sourced products to our customers.

Yes! You can subscribe to a weekly or monthly plan. GoFresh plans are designed to be customizable, so you can add single items or groups as needed. We strive to make meal planning and delivery as convenient as possible for our customers, so you can enjoy delicious, fresh meals without the hassle.

Yes! You can easily customize your shopping by adding items or groups. Note that you can also mix normal products (simple, variable, grouped) with subscription products.

You can order GoFresh products online from any internet-enabled device. You will need an email address and delivery address.

We currently accept major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) and Stripe, Apple Pay. In the future, we will expand our available forms of payment to make checkout more efficient and offer more choices for our customers.

Yes!  Our minimum order for delivery is a cart amount of USD$25.00. All orders are conveniently delivered directly to your location, provided the minimum order value is met.

Yes! Delivery cost is based on where you are located. We deliver islandwide in Jamaica for now. All other locations’ delivery costs will be made available on the checkout page.

If you are not home, it is important to ensure that someone is available to receive the GoFresh Box. This is to ensure that the fresh produce is not left out for an extended period of time and that it can be stored properly.

Yes! You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any point. Cancellation must be done by the 7th day prior to your scheduled delivery, depending on your shipping region. To cancel, navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab in “My account”, and select ‘Stop Subscription. A confirmation email will be sent upon successful cancellation.

We ensure optimal freshness by packing our products with ice packs and insulated liners. On longer or cross-country deliveries, we use chilled line hauls to keep our products cool during transit to your location.

To ensure optimal quality and safety, we advise that you immediately refrigerate all perishable products upon receiving your GoFresh Box and adhere to all USDA guidelines for refrigerated/frozen storage and safe food handling, as well as FDA guidelines for seafood. Proper storage and safe handling practices are essential to reducing the risk of foodborne illness.

Yes! GoFresh promotes a healthy lifestyle through a variety of flavorful and nutritious meal kit options that cater to various dietary needs and include fresh, seasonal vegetables and other produce.

Yes! GoFresh is vegan-friendly and promotes a healthy lifestyle. We offer a variety of vegan options that are made with fresh, seasonal produce and other plant-based ingredients.

Yes! At GoFresh, we believe in supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Our team is passionate about providing exceptional customer service and making it easy and convenient for our customers to access fresh, wholesome foods. We offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as pantry staples and prepared meals made with the finest ingredients.


We Make it Fresh. Pre-prepped. Ready to Eat.

Our fresh packs make it easy to incorporate healthy produce into your diet. Simply grab and go for quick use anytime.